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PocketPC/Java Version released 06/15/2003

Once the Java version was complete, I found a wonderful VM implemented for PocketPC called EWE.  Using Michael Brereton's system at Ewesoft, I ported this program to PocketPC.  The Download page has the binary system, and the source for these versions.



Java Version released 03/08/2003

I had a request for a linux based application, so I ported this program to Java.  The whole application is packaged in a single JAR file, and will pretty much run anywhere Java 1.4.x runs.  Check out the download page for the new version.

Python Beta 0.1.2   11/18/2002

Check out the download section to get the first public beta of this program.  I'm releasing this under what I want to call EmailWare.  If you download and think this is interesting, shoot me an email!

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